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With 45 Years experience in Carpet Cleaning Restoration Industry and 19 Years Manufacturing, I know what a Carpet Cleaner is looking for in a High Quality / Performance Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine.

You can have all the fancy Mills, Lathes, Welding & Fabrication equipment and be an  Experienced Machinist, but if never been a Professional Carpet Cleaner at a End User Level, you can never use this equipment like we do to Effectively Design & Build a unit with the End User In Mind.

Our Blue Baron TM Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines with the all New Patented Design Heat Exchangers are Sweeping the Nation!

We are in this business for the long haul. We Pledge to provide you with the Highest Quality in Workmanship and Service this industry has to offer. Where the Customer always comes FIRST.

Many Thanks, Pete Garland  (Owner, Builder & Designer) 
A Superior Heat Exchanger Technology using......
Eduardo de Rose      Palm Beach Gardens, FL
When you told me the Heat was going to be
Hot, you were right!  This machine out performs any other machine in its class and at a price that is affordable. I am very happy with the Blue Baron 45 SE. 

Thank you so much.   Eduardo de Rose
Truck Mount carpet Cleaning Machines
All our Blue Baron Truck Mounts  come with Heavy Gauge Marine Aluminum Recovery Tanks ........Your choice 60, or 100 Gallons!
Testimony from a 2007 Blue Baron 45 SE purchase
Joe Bannon                     Manchester, New Hampshire
My Blue Baron 45 SE has almost 3000 Hours on it since I had purchased new in 2007. It has been an Incredible Machine. It is easy to operate and maintain while providing Great Heat and Performance especially when I need it on those Commercial Jobs. Many Thanks,  J. Bannon
Yes, We are not Salesmen Sitting in a Office pretending to know what we are talking about on a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine we have never used.

We are Proud to say "We are End Users of the Machines we Build" Experiencing the Dependability and High Performance Unmatched by our Competition.
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 Point Technology
Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase of the 47XL,as you know the timing worked out perfectly as I was getting ready to start a 60,000 square foot job. The heat has been outstanding and consistent even while using 300 feet of hose and a Rotovac which puts out a lot of water. The quality and workmanship you put into this custom build is second to none. Your machines are a excellent value and I think anybody considering purchasing a truck mount  would be crazy spending  $20,000 or more on a machine, while they can purchase a blue baron for a much better price without sacrificing quality or workmanship.

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Convert your Small, Medium or Full Size Van, Box Truck, or Trailor into a Powerful Money Making Mobile Unit!
Because we care about our Customers, we will place and secure your New Blue Baron Truck Mount Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machine, Tank & Reels for FREE  in your Van, Box Truck or Trailor for those who decide to come to our shop.

We are open 7 days per week to answer all your questions. Even if you do not own a Blue Baron and need help on other name Brand Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment, we are their to help especially on weekends when Jon Don, Interlink or other shops are closed.

As a 36 year veteran of Cleaning & Restoration Industry, I know the importance of information when you desperately need it. 

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Blue Baron and Red BaronTM Truck  Mount Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machines

Make Carpet Cleaning Easy!
Throw away your Low Powered Portables!
Our Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines will give you the Heat others Can't Beat!

We received our Blue Baron 45 SE in Sept. 2012 and have been using it for the past couple of months now (without any problems)and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Pete has created a great design with his units and solved any problems that other units in the industry would have. His craftsmanship and the use of quality parts along with the openness(accessability) of the unit makes it worth its price. We did some shopping around before choosing to go with Pete and we can honestly say for the quality of machine and everything else that comes with this unit it is definitely the best price out there. Pete's four stage heat exchanger design with diverter has been exceptional with strong and consistant heat when needed. Overall, Pete has put alot of thought, heart, and work into his machines and it shows in the machines performance. He is great to work with and will answer any questions that you have about his units. If we need another unit in the future we will definitely purchase from Pete again.

T & A Unlimited, LLC
Pickens, SC
​Business Tele: Furnished Upon Request
Email: aarflin@bellsouth.netmail:aarflin@bellsouth.net
Remember, Not all Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning & Tile Equipment are Built the same. Blue Baron sets itself apart 
from all the others! Our Superior Patented Axis Point Heat Exchangers is the ICON among our series of Blue Baron Truck Mounts. 
Hi Pete

Bought a Blue Baron 45 from Pete Garland!!! It does a GOOD job on Heavy soiled carpets...People are always amazed that the Old stuff can look like brandnew. Thanks Pete for such an awesome piece of equipment.   Terry Reynolds

From: Reynolds Carpet Cleaning Richmond, VA
Tele: (furnished upon request)

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Name:Marcelo Ioselli                                                                                 December 11, 2014
Email address:mioselli@hotmail.com

Message:Hey Peter. I just wanted to thank you for setting me up with my Blue Baron 33 SE carpet cleaner. The machine works great and your customer service is outstanding. My new business is off to a great start! 

Marcelo- Homewood, AL
Keeping your 
Business  Turning without  the Middle Man! 

The Nation's **FACTORY DIRECT LEADER** in Heat Exchanger Truck Mount Technology
Blue Baron  Manufacturing
Blue Baron's Quality & Technology gives everyone a 'Fighting Chance' to be the Very Best in this Industry!
 Blue Baron Compact 36 Truck Mount 


David &Lisa Bradford  (Face Book Testimonial)
September 7 2015 at 2:12pm  

We could not be any more pleased with our machine! It meets every need & expectation we had when deciding which system to go with! We are happy....our customers are happy. When we are ready to purchase our next system, we will definitely be coming back to you!

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Factory Package Price only: $19,895
Factory Package Price
only: $16,895
Factory Package Price
only: $13,895
Factory Package Price
only: $14,895
The Best Built Factory Direct Truck Mount in the Industry!
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Unique Body Style Frame
20" Wide X 38" High X 40" Depth
400 lbs Powder Coated Frame
23.5 HP Kohler Engine with (Tach & Hour Meter)
3LP Sutorbilt Blower (Size 36) 344 CFM @ 15" HG
Superior Acoustics Dampening Silencer
AR Pump 3.5 GPM (Up to 2000 psi plus Working Pressure)
Famous Patented Axis Point Heat Exchanger System 
220+ Degrees with Automatic Heat Control (Thermostat)
Last Step ChemicaI Injection
Water Box
100 Gallon Recovery Tank (Optional 60 Gallon available))
100 FT.Vac & Solution Hoses & 2 Jet Stainless Steel Wand
300 FT. Vacuum & Solution Reel

While Quantities Last!
(OPTIONAL) Pump-Out available
Authorized Valley Industries Dealer
Our Nation's # 1 Heat Exchanger Technology  has been Proven over 15 years of manufacturing to be the highest psi rated and Highest performing Heat Exchanger in the Industry.  U.S. PATENT NO. 8,141,199

Our Blue Baron Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines produce not only Superior Stable Heat, but a Quick Drying Vaccum System with Maximum CFM.

We build our Heat Exchangers using a Revolutionary "State of the Art" Design known as Axis Point Technology TM. This Unique Design allows the Heat Exchanger Tubing carring the water to source out Maximum Exhaust Heat with Maximum Heat Transfer.

Heat you can always depend on even through the Toughest Jobs. Our Heat Exchangers deliver up to 230 Degrees Plus. This Axis Point Technology means Continuous Hotter Water Longer. This NEW Design will Minimize 'Wide Fluctuations' of Temperature which is inherent in 'OLD ART' Heat Exchangers. 

The primary purpose of Axis Point Heaters TM is to ELIMINATE the need for Expensive Economy/Budget Challenging Alternative Fuels such as Propane and Fuel Oil.

Opinions are offered for our Heaters are supported by many Satisfied Customers (The End Users). They all Claim Exceptional Heat is produced with a sudden rise in Temperature within 1 minute and stable which allows the End User to get Maximum Heat Performance.

Name: Thomas Richard Jefferies
Email: njrproperty@gmail.com

Message: Dear Pete. It's now been well over a year since purchasing the 47xl. And I genuinely couldn't be happier. Heat loss issues experienced by other machines don't exist with the 47xl. I normally operate on max temp setting (really dirty greasy restaurant carpet) and my temperature fluctuates between 220 and 250 which I'm sure you'll agree is unheard of in other machines. No idea how the heat exchanger works but it does. 
We recently cleaned a 7 story hotel and expected to have to use a portable machine to clean the 6th and 7th floors. But thought it was worth testing the 47xl and see what happened. It worked, didn't expect that. Obviously we had a little heat loss at the wand, due to running 450ft of pipe. But not only did it work it did a really good job that easily compared to our portable machine. 
Genuinely can not praise this machine enough. And would be more than happy to talk about it with any potential buyers. Seriously high quality professional equipment. Even get good heat when tile cleaning with the higher pressure and flow. 
Due to the high temperatures and the power of the blower we get awesome feedback from customers regarding drying time. 
Cheers Pete 
Will definitely be buying a second machine in the future 
Best wishes 
Call us today at: (727) 505-2989  ask for Pete
Announcing! The Compact 45,  Powerful unit engineered in as Space Saving Frame
Blue Baron Compact 45 Truck Mount
..............There is "Power" in this "Mini!"
Factory Package Price
only: $13,495
$319 /mo
$340 /mo
$384 /mo
$450 /mo