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Commonly used Terms for the Industry are:

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines
Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Carpet Cleaning Machines
Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Carpet Cleaning Extractors
Carpet Extractors
Steam Cleaning Machines
Truck Mounts
Carpet Cleaners

Before you spend your hard earned money, ask the Manufacturer what is the Maximum Operating Pressure of their Machine. 

Remember even though the Spec of the Pump says say ie. 2500 psi does not mean it will operate at that level.

In most cases they will say up to 1200 psi. The reason is, that their Heater Coils are made of Copper (Low Burst Pressure Rating) so anything above that pressure will damage the unit. Usually they will put a constant Bleeder Orifice Jet to 'Cap off' the Top end of the pressure capability of the Pressure Pump in order to  prevent you from going any higher than what the Copper Coils are Rated for.
As Owner of Blue Baron, I want too give the Truck Mount Shoppers as much useful Information as possible before you make that purchase. 

A lot of Manufacturers don't like this level of transparency that uncovers the 'Truth' that lies beneath the Louvered Cabinetry of these over priced Truck Mounts. 

Smaller Engines, Blowers and Water Pump Systems incapable of delivering adequate pressure to do the many jobs like described above in the video.

     Here are Specs of Truck Mounts where Pricing vs Performance is in the"Red"      

                                                       (LOW)                     (LOWER)   (Obstructed Flow)  (HIGH)
                                              Working Pressure         Engine HP         Vac Power         Price

    Saphire Scientific 570              1500 psi                31 Kubota           455 CFM         $26,688
    Saphire Scientific 370              1500 psi                20 Kohler            317 CFM         $19,500
    Saphire Scientific Rage           1000 psi                18  Kohler           311 CFM         $14,000

    Prochem Apex GTX                 1200 psi                31  Kubota          400 CFM         $26,470
    Prochem Peak GTX                 1000 psi                25   Kohler          270  CFM        $21,983  
    Prochem Legend GT               1200 psi                23   Kohler          330  CFM        $19,216

         Here are Specs of our Blue Baron Truck Mounts where Pricing vs Performance is in              the "Green"
                                                                                                      Non Obstructive
                                                 (HIGHER)              (MORE)   (Free Flow Engineering)  (LOWER)
                                          Working Pressure      Engine HP            Vac Power               Price    

   Blue Baron 47 XL                 3000 psi                    37 Kohler             560 CFM           $17,895
   Blue Baron 45 SE                 3000 psi                    27 Kohler             410 CFM           $15,895
   Blue Baron 36 SE                 3000 psi                    23.5 Kohler          344 CFM           $14,895
   Blue Baron 33 SE                 3000 psi                    20.5 Kohler          273 CFM           $13,895
   Compact  36                          2500 psi                    23.5 Kohler          344 CFM           $11,495 
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