370SS Truckmount: $19,770

Power Plant20 HP Kohler Command gasoline engine operating at 2800 RPM

Vacuum pump317 CFM 15 HG Gardner Denver Ti-406. 

Solution pumpCAT 3CP 1120 producing 1500 PSI and 4.3 GPM  = LOW WORKING PRESSURE

Inferior POOR DESIGN Low psi rated Copper Tube & Fin Heat Exchanger 150 to 200 degrees F will burst over 1500 psi (Why Working Pressure is Low)

Waste tank90 gal. (340 l) TIG-welded marine grade aluminum – 75 gal. (283.1 l) at shutoff

Frame construction3/16 in. × 2 in. TIG welded aluminum box tubing

Frame finishCorrosion-resistant powder coated

​HIGH FAIL "Rubber Coupler" Direct Drive System
Belt cooling100 CFM through-frame air injection by
the use of High Failure Internal Fans because the frame is "Smothered" with Covered Cabinetry that "Traps"in heat causing early life to your Truck Mount's Components

Console dimensions (W × H × D)16 × 34 × 40 in. | 40.5 × 86.4 × 101.6 cm

370SS Standard Equipment
75 ft. ¼" I.D. pressure hose
75 ft. 2½" vacuum hose
Battery box
Installation Kit
Operation and Service Manuals
12" Low Profile 4-Jet Titanium Wand

Blue Baron Compact 45:  $15,895

Power Plant 27 HP Kohler Command gasoline
engine operating 2800 RPM

Vacuum pump 410 CFM 15 HG Gardner Denver
4MR equivalent to a 45 Roots

AR 2500 psi 3.5 GPM Solution pump Delivers over 2500 psi Working Pressure

Patented Axis Point All Stainless 3500 PSI rated
Heat Exchanger System 120 Feet Stainless Tubing

103 Gallon Waste Tank is heavy gauge Tig Welded Marine Aluminum Powder Coated with Pump Out ports for (Optional Pump Out Hook up)

Frame Construction Tig Welded 1/4 inch thick Carbon Steel Lazer Cut Frame Base Powder Coated

OPEN CONCEPT FRAME........NO LOUVERED "SMOTHER COVERS" Components Never over heat and easy maintenance & Best No Internal Vans that can go bad. 

All Belt Driven Run "Super reliable"Super Cool Drive System Extra Cool because there is No Louvered Covers offering "Open Concept" Easy Breath Construction for Long Life to your Truck Mount's Components. Heavy Duty Industrial Cog Belts.

Dimensions: 20 inches wide X 38 inches High and 40 inches in Depth.

300 FT Vacuum Hose Reel
300 FT Solution Hose Reel
200 FT Vacuum 2 inch Crush Proof Hose
25 FT 1.5 inch Leader Hose
200 FT 4000 psi Blue non marking Pressure Hose
2 Jet Commercial all stainless Carpet Wand
(NEW) Innovated Blind Fastener Installation Kit
Operation Manuals & Service Videos