Unites States Air Force Telecommunications Specialist 
Studying to be a Teletype Repairman in 1977 Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX

The origin of the Name: Blue Baron   

My journey starts, when born in 1958 Beverly, MA and while growing up in a simple New England Town  as a young boy enjoyng Timeless Classics 1964 1964 in the 1960's  1960's, I was always fascinated with Mechanical devices; such as taking apart vintage toys like 'The Play Mobile' (Simulated car dash board) as well as building or taking things apart Vespa Scooter, Minibikes and motorcycles.

From early High school and as I grew into young adulthood and Graduated from High School in 1976 which was shortly after Vietnam War ended in 1975 Fall of Saigon, I decided to join the US Airforce Air National Guard in 1977. This is where I studied complex Electro-Mechanical 28 ASR Teletype  and the Kleinschmidt Teletype Machines as a Telecommunications Equipment Specialist at Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls, TX while holding a T.S. Security Status. When I graduated, I was later stationed in Wellesley, MA Air National Guard 267th Combat Communications Squadron / Otis AFB Cape Cod, MA for a period of 6 years in which I served a brief tour in Germany on a Strategic Air Force Base Command Post supported by NATO. 

During this period of time, I joined up with a firm known as Computrend, where I would rebuild model 33 teletype machines from Teletype Corporation. This was all while going to college in the field of Electro-Mechanical Engineering where I later recieved a degree. 

As I journeyed through more than a decade in the electronics field, my ladder job was working for Raytheon in Andover MA. My job was to test, troubleshoot and repair to the Component Level, Complex Test Equipment in support of the Patriot Missiles Systems for a period of almost 8 years. 

During this time, I began to realize that working for other people was not what it was cut out to be. I decided to start my own cleaning business and purchased a Home in Nashua, NH in which  I started my Carpet Cleaning business and soon to purchase my very first Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine.  During this time, I was performing a 7 day per week Cleaning Contract Services while employing 6 people on a split shift for a well-known exclusive Athletic Club known as Hampshire Hills in Milford New Hampshire. I was also contracted to clean 7 days per week the New England Famous "Turkey Farm Restaurant as well other local restaurants, business and residential cleaning. The Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning machine replaced my Portable and made a world of difference in not only speed cleaning, but gave professional commercial results.

As the business grew, I was always fixing the Truck Mount whenever problems arose, as well as Buffers, Portables, Auto-Scrubbers and an array of other cleaning equipment. 

I always thought in the back of my mind I would like to start a small Fabrication Shop building truck mounts. While rebuilding and studying various makes and models, I knew where the improvements would lie in the design, as well as the heating and overall layout of these machines while keeping the "End User In Mind".  

As I learned  many Tig & Mig Welding skills and manufacturing processes the Blue Baron TM & Red Baron TM Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning  Machine was Born and from then on it has been a success especially with our New Innovative PATENTED Heat Exchanger System.

My wife and I work together. She does BookKeeping as well as administers marketing 
promotions, while I work on building our state of the art machines and training our Customers. 

Thank you for your time reading my story on how it all began.   
Sincerely,   Peter Crosby Garland
I dedicate this page and the name Blue Baron to my Grand Father, Lewis Crosby, (Left) who was a Naval Aviator in WWI Piloting a Fighter Bi-Plane. He fought the Germans in Foreign skies for our Country and almost sacrificed his life when he was shot down behind enemy lines. Fortunately he survived to tell his courageous story to my mom and his family.

Blue Baron Manufacturing
The Nation's Leader in Heat Exchanger Truck Mount Technology
Keeping your
Business turning
without the MIDDLEMAN!
Yes, we are not like Jon Don or Interlink Salesmen Sitting in a Office pretending to know what we are talking about on a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine we have never used.

We are Proud to say "We are End Users" of the Machines we Build" Experiencing the Dependability and High Performance Unmatched by our Competition.

Our Patented Axis Point Heat Exchanger sets our Blue Baron Factory above and apart from all other Manufacturers and built with Passion, Focus and Commitment while keeping the "End User in Mind." 

Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC has been building these"All American Truck Mounts" for now 17 years. Our Fine Units are Engineered and Built here in the USA in Holiday Florida in a Factory Direct facility from a 42 Year Veteran of the Cleaning Restoration Industry.

I have been in Business since 1982. I have 36 years experience total in the Floor Care industry. I have made Fabrication my business with the Passion of building the Best Truck Mounts this industry has to offer. 
Now 13 years Plus and going Strong!

Photos Standing in front of my house in Nashua, NH in the 1980s
Served from 1977 to 1983
267th Communications Combat Squadron, Wellesly, MA
Where I was Trained in Telecommunications.
I served on a Special Assignment  at the Royal Air Force NATO  Base in Wildenrath Germany in 1980 (Vintage Photos)
Pete Garland
Picture taken from on top of a Bomb Bunker