Sitting and relaxing there on a Sunday with my 5 String playing a Medley of Blue Grass and getting ready for another Hectic week working with my 2 sons in Building Blue Barons & Axis Point Heat Exchangers.
American Blue Grass
Hobbys & Interests (Banjos & Buggies)
1964 Beatles "Things we said today" Played in Key of A
I could not find  Banjo Tablature anywhere for this song, so I Learned this song in a few days by "Ear"
Iron Horse       Written by "Mean" Mary James

C Minor Tuning (OLD TIME TRIPLE C) Nostalgic Sound
**Still Practicing for improvement
Mason William's "Classical Gas" written and composed in 1967 Still practicing not an easy song to learn on the Banjo. Still need to practice timing.
Earlier times just learning the Banjo.
I Love to Change the World
Composed by the Band 'Tens Years After'
Timeless Classic with 'Nights in White Satin' by the Moody Blues

I learned this song in a few days. Looked all over for Banjo Tab, but could not find it so I learned it by ear.

Starts out with a E minor followed by G, D, C, Bar A, C & B7. Upper part of the neck gets a little bit tricky. Still need to practice timing.

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Wichita Lineman written by Glen Campbell
Neil Diamond, Solitary Man released in 1966

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Cream White Room 1968

Believe or not only took a couple of days to learn this song by ear.